Monday, September 19, 2016

Relief from Belief

There are some who still believe
That the earth is flat
Can we push them off the edge then
And see if they go splat?

There are some who still believe
That vaccines are a curse
Can we pit them against some viruses
And see who fares worse?

There are some who still believe
That the greenhouse effect is a sham
Can we put them in igloos on glaciers
And see when they start building a dam

And then there are those who force belief
Down every throat they find
Can we invite them to a logical discussion
And see if we matter when they mind?


When people cannot argue logically
They inevitably resort to violence
That is how curious and discerning voices
Are pummeled into submission and silence

What is this obsession with belief
When there are irrefutable facts
Faith wrapped in ego wrapped in silliness
Hordes of lazy souls it attracts

Empathy takes a backseat to ego
And the overwhelming need to control
Combine unsubstantiated belief with power
And domination is the only goal

What we need is relief from belief
Allow minds to question and explore
Initiate debates devoid of ego
Create space for logic and reason galore

Friday, September 2, 2016

There's a Place...

There's a place we all recede to
In the recesses of our mind
When the world seems oppressive
And even close ones seem unkind

It's a place of safety, a place of peace
It's where things make perfect sense
It's where we talk to ourselves
And analyze sensory inputs intense

It's also a place of doubt and trepidation
Where we face our mental hardwiring
Contemplate our knee-jerk reactions
Chance upon our subconscious conspiring

It's a place of contradictions, of ambiguity
Where benevolent and malevolent schemes are hatched
It's where we rationalize to ourselves
When the surface of logic is barely scratched

It's a place of wonder too, and a place of joy
Where past, present, and future are one
It's where we sit back and look at life
A movie reel unfurled, sped up, and spun

We all need this place within us, since
Out there is ignorance, cruelty, and strife
We recharge, brace ourselves, and emerge
To re-immerse ourselves in the mad race of life