Friday, June 13, 2014

Spectrum Eyes

In supreme nothingness, before time and space
Where concepts and constructs struggled for a place
Lit a spark that spread at a blistering pace
Spawning a cosmic dance of vicious grace

The subatomic froth tingled in anticipation
Of coagulating into building blocks of creation
Energy became matter and matter became batter
That spattered and splattered in an unruly summation

Time and space became entangled
While the electron and photon dangled
Wave and particle distinctions got mangled
As Newtonian and Einsteinian physics wrangled

Stars wielded absolute control over the dusty collection
That clustered and clumped into a planetary selection
Life emerged and crawled, struggled and evolved
Survival was difficult, but a natural predilection

Sentient beings burgeoned from a single cell
Equipped with curiosity and the urge to excel
Unraveled mysteries that were hidden well
By the cosmos, quietly watching their ego swell

Femto-seconds to eons, femto-meters to light years
Unimaginable ranges, unscalable frontiers
Given mankind's limited faculties and lifespan
This vast spectrum is not meant for us, it appears

We are a blip, an off-key note in the cosmic symphony
Possessing a sliver of understanding and oodles of disharmony
Wandering in this celestial labyrinth, inanimate yet alive
Contemplating the result of an infinite mind's epiphany

An anomaly jarringly coarse yet amazingly sublime
A speck of dust in the ever flowing sands of time
Marred by crime on the journey to spiritual prime
Is life on earth a flash of brilliance, or just washable grime?

Note - The title of this poem comes from a very unlikely source - the lyrics of a shockingly awful song by he-who-shall-not-be-named, who can apparently see with his spectrum eyes.