Monday, April 4, 2011

Better late ...?

We flip the pages of life as if running from a wildfire
Unwilling to slow down till it comes down to the wire
Pages turn flippant when we wish our lives to rewire
That drive down memory lane hobbles on a flat tire

Procrastination rules till it comes to things we desire
'Rash' decisions are made by the itch we acquire
Brash people invariably land in a ditch or mire
Righteous people end up just preaching to the choir

Seemingly momentous occasions are prioritized higher
Small moments keep spinning all life in the dryer
When it finally comes to realizing how they inspire
They have turned a size too short for the tryer

The never-ending quest for more space lights our fire
And loses all its meaning in the grave or on the pyre
Moments wasted reaching for the future while we respire
Are a result of constantly putting want over what we do require

Thirst for conquest is the weapon from the arms supplier
Relationships and people get killed in the cross-fire
Getting first to the cheese means everything to the high-flyer
Rat race is about the trap of loneliness, knows the non-buyer

Hindsight provides clear perspective on shots we misfire
Fear of heights becomes palpable AFTER we climb the tallest spire
Regrets many, consolations few, tears fail to retire
Bad decisions and death tend to accost in shiny attire

Our children teach us about becoming humans entire
And that unconditional parental love of which we were a denier
We keep shifting blame to our younger selves till we expire
Life actually gave us a clear glimpse but we failed to enquire

When it comes to realizations, epiphanies are what we admire
Day-to-day eye-openers are left unopened to expire
'Better late than never' is the motto to which we aspire
Why is the need for 'Never late is better' not made dire?