Friday, September 2, 2016

There's a Place...

There's a place we all recede to
In the recesses of our mind
When the world seems oppressive
And even close ones seem unkind

It's a place of safety, a place of peace
It's where things make perfect sense
It's where we talk to ourselves
And analyze sensory inputs intense

It's also a place of doubt and trepidation
Where we face our mental hardwiring
Contemplate our knee-jerk reactions
Chance upon our subconscious conspiring

It's a place of contradictions, of ambiguity
Where benevolent and malevolent schemes are hatched
It's where we rationalize to ourselves
When the surface of logic is barely scratched

It's a place of wonder too, and a place of joy
Where past, present, and future are one
It's where we sit back and look at life
A movie reel unfurled, sped up, and spun

We all need this place within us, since
Out there is ignorance, cruelty, and strife
We recharge, brace ourselves, and emerge
To re-immerse ourselves in the mad race of life

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