Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A writer's quest to find eloquence in writing and life, expressed through an amalgamation of poetry, art, and music ('Melting Art') with Neha Pallod Limaye and Darshana Menon 

Paintings by Neha Pallod Limaye

Eloquence (Song) with Darshana Menon

Monday, July 11, 2016

Difference make a Difference?

Gender, ethnicity, religion, preferences
We are identified by generalized references
It's hard to imagine we are one species
When we are constantly judged by differences

Allegiances we love to manufacture
Based on unshakeable beliefs that enrapture
Lines we draw, boundaries we force
Questioners we brand heretics, subject to capture

We carve grooves, we create slots
We starve love, hate calls the shots
We nurture factions, loath to connect dots
We obliterate facts with giant inky blots

We adore privileges, enjoy repression
When it comes to equality, we call it oppression
Divided we stand, fragmented we band
We fight for liberty as masters of indiscretion

We are classified, categorized, labeled at birth
Taught bias, prejudice, and condescending mirth
Of our ego there is no dearth, it adds daily to our girth
Denizens of this earth, what is truly our worth?