Friday, November 13, 2015

Iron Fist

You exult, amidst tumult
Anticipating a gory result
Your random utterings are law
Your captive audience a cult

You connive, cheerfully thrive
In the chaos you craft and drive
Your ego dominates reason
And dampens the will to strive

You pillage, you encage
You force people to wear beige
Sniveling brat or stunted adult
Your disposition hard to gauge

You are idolized, canonized
Your follies are minimized
You fret, fume, manufacture gloom
Your opposers are lobotomized

Championing minions, decreeing opinion
Freedom of speech you pinion
You suffer fools quite gladly
Who bloodily sustain your dominion

You resist, you persist
You rule with an iron fist
Keep applying undue pressure
Expect carpal tunnel in your wrist

You are wrong, you don’t belong
You can decry facts for only so long
You demand respect but command none
One day you will be ambushed by a throng

You are droll, you self-extoll
Your glib tongue ensnares all
But logic demands a change of season
The oppressed will Spring, and you will Fall!