Saturday, March 30, 2013

Extinct Instincts

The dodo led an idyllic lifestyle
Free of flight, devoid of guile
Proved easy fodder, was not agile
Extinction was swift, execution style

Blissfully unaware of the looming invasion
Dodo was smug, survival instincts in abrasion
Nature could offer no strong persuasion
Ended up in a forever unbalanced equation

Survival of the fittest, an interesting notion
Did nature force creatures to crawl out the ocean
Snipping, cutting, revising without emotion
Till its creatures learn to deal with the commotion

Mankind reached the pinnacle of evolution
With advent of the industrial revolution
It mistook ecology for an economic solution
And mal-adapted environment to its pollution

Survival instinct tapers with every invention
GPS looks at sense of direction with condescension
Smartphones have become memory’s extension
Dollars and pounds maintained in cyber suspension

Today we specialize in banalities
And flirt with sinister dualities
Questionable traits have become qualities
We provide lip service to equalities

If electricity disappears we are sitting ducks
Money will be lost in dead binary bucks
Petroleum depletion will cause stopped trucks
And nature will go about with cheerful plucks

Technology paves way to all we crave
Survival instincts are what we waive
Looming tsunami wave, world is at a rave
Darwin keeps tossing and turning in his grave

Nature doesn't nurture survival instinct
It's take on existence is simple and succinct
Take away stimuli threatening and distinct
Come next disaster and you are extinct!