Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Notion of Motion

This fascinating universe buzzes incessantly with motion
Celestial spheres race around the sun in orbits elliptical
Occasionally running into darting asteroids with trajectories whimsical
Unaware of its pending demise, fated for a tragic surprise
Matter hurtles dizzily towards the black hole in morbid locomotion

Electrons whizz around the nucleus, awating a promotion
To a higher energy state that apparently leads to illumination
The atom is a surprising microcosm of this astronomical creation
Flux is the essence, an unsettling presence
In existence, paradoxically resulting from the big bang explosion

The human mind is mobility in disguise, like a seemingly calm ocean
Underwater volcanoes are rife with inorganic strife
Seismic activity abounds, threatening precious life
Stillness is a deception, a result of flawed perception
Underneath the placid surface, there is unimaginable commotion

Like this aging planet, humanity faces increasing erosion
Of values, mores, and civility, a deepening spiritual delusion
Yearning to be addressed by fate and causality in karmic collusion
Life embodies the human 'race', every generation picks up pace
As we speed towards the inevitable moral demotion

But we are excitedly working towards the ultimate potion
To help answer all origin queries and make us question devotion
Stomach churns, heart palpitates, lungs exhale, brain calculates
In the end, this universe does not matter without human e'motion'
And that makes motion a very stirring notion!

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