Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Succinct, Apocalyptic Story

As narrated by Patrick to SpongeBob:

Once there was an ugly barnacle. It was so ugly that everyone died.

The End!

If only all grand-scale, epic, apocalyptic stories could be narrated like this:
  • Mahabharat - 5 vs 100. Score - 5 alive, 100 dead. Fertilization gone awry, gods fooling around, arrow-bed, blind and yellow fellows. Krishna mistaken for deer. Laloo a distant descendant.
  • Ramayan - 2 heads against 10 heads (on one 'deca'dent Lankan) and a hibernating giant. Score - 2 heads. Line crossed, significant monkeying, floating stones, and low fidelity. Sita happened before Gita. 
  • Gita - Apocalypse covered in Mahabharat itself, but still mention-worthy. How to slay your relatives without feeling guilty about your actions and not having to worry about results.
  • Bible - Jesus Christ! Sweet Moses! Several species of furry animals gathered together in an ark and dealing with a flood. Red Cross, Red Sea, and crossing of the red sea.
  • Koran - This is a private blog but still not taking risks. 


Artnamus said...

This is a cool concept..please narrate more solar and lunar apocalypses in 2 sentences..entertaining this thing

Blink Freud said...

Solar and lunar apocalypses, eclipses, ellipses...

Unknown said...

Brilliantness dude! Loved this one.