Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twirled World

Earth is now inhabited by 14 billion soles
Worthy of contemplation or celebration?
Humanity's large feat in producing many small feet
Seems just cause for increasing trepidation

Natural resources are fast losing sources
As trees em'bark' upon uncharted courses
While we try to interpret dense religious discourses
People gleefully continue betting on horses

Basic needs are still not afforded
To all living in this faux global village
A populist term coined for convenience
While many continue to plunder and pillage

Arctic is ticked, antarctic antagonized
As passionate debate rages on global warming
The polar bear sits stranded on splintered ice
Bemused and finding it quite alarming

Are we supposed to take solace
As populate growth rate apparently dwindles
People are still struggling to make a living
By weaving hand-loomed clothes on spindles

Was there census consensus on the 7 billionth human
As UN tracked down a new thrilla' in Manila
Does the baby know the world she will grow up in
Lacking opportunities might make her life plain vanilla

As we race towards the 8 billion mark
Humanity struggles to make ends meet
Apocalypse might be of the covert kind
Creeping in quietly with every new greet

The 10 billionth child will twirl this world
On her finger with uncontrollable thrill
Barely conscious of the earth's seams
Ready to burst at the treble of her trill

Around the sun races this beleaguered earth
Ever-slowly plunging in tragic elliptical vortex
Does it cry for itself or the exploding humanity
Whose burden it bears on its crusty cortex?

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