Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spring Hops Eternal

This article is about a kangaroo called 'Spring'. Just like hope springs eternal, Spring hops eternal. The question is why, and given that this blog is one giant question, there is no answer. However, a few observations can be made about the kangaroo, a very interesting creature whose design appears to carry some inconsistencies. Hopping doesn't appear to be a very intuitive way to move or travel long distances since it seemingly involves maximum work against gravity as opposed to slithering or walking. Kangaroos have large, strong tendons in their hind legs which act as "springs" and expend very little energy in hopping  - the legs are unable to move independently for walking, hence the hopping! The Creator's design logic is circular or oval at best, but He/She did put a spring in their step.

When aborigines were asked what this hopping creature was called, they responded Kangaroo! which means 'I don't know' in aborigine language. And that's how this creature was named. Kangaroos don't have to worry about naming their babies though because they are all born named, and have the same name - Joey. When they grow up, they take on different names like 'The Leap' Kumar and Dennis 'Hop'per. Joeys spend their childhood growing and developing in a natural pocket built on the mother's stomach (and inspiration for apparel pockets and pouches worldwide) which also conceals a nursing facility. In the kangaroo world, pick-pocketing is synonymous with kidnapping. Kangaroos dine at IHOP, shop at Stop n Hop or Hopper's Stop, and observe Feb 29th every year because they only believe in the leap year.

So why does Spring hop eternal? Kangaroo!

Musical Credits: Kartik Kapil on Guitar, Dennis William on Drums, and Pankaj Kanth on Bass

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