Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poetry in Brownian Motion

Man proposes, God disposes
Salieri disposes what Mozart composes
Beethoven composes while a corpse decomposes
Keith Richards survives opiates in overwhelming doses

The dictator reposes while the rebellion deposes
The attorney deposes what the defendant supposes
'The Thinker' supposes as it metamorphoses
Trials of modern life drive increasing neuroses

The rationalist proposes, the fundamentalist opposes
The politician opposes what the journalist exposes
An actress exposes when every other door closes
Winter sees Daycares with many running noses

Forests shiver as urbanization encroaches
'Ecstasy' encroaches and the addict overdoses
An uninvited guest imposes as the house forecloses
The guitarist bristles when the keyboardist unexpectedly transposes

Information overload equals drinking from fire hoses
Age is no longer a constraint for coronary thromboses 
Science wins over morals when the scientist juxtaposes
We need the Red Sea to part again for Moses

Life is troubled by thorns as it treads the beds of roses
This rhyme loses reason and contemplates the pros of proses
We wait with bated breath as the future approaches
But this world has and will always belong to the roaches

Man proposes, God disposes

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