Saturday, December 18, 2010

3M - Morality, Molarity, and Molality

Morality is convenience-based. It is compromised regularly in the name of progress and greater good, and human beings are naturally inclined to provide dubious rationalization for morally ambiguous decisions. Moral Science is an oxymoron since what is moral is typically ambiguous and what is Science is disappointingly anything but. Scientific morals is an even scarier oxymoron, since 1) science typically does not have morals (so many human and animal experiments have been justified in the name of science), and 2) it does not exist even though scientists and researchers and labs and companies would claim otherwise. Reminds me of a this line from a eminently forgettable movie with a lot of unrealized potential - 'Are you a terrific scientist or a scientific terrorist?'.

Molarity and Molality, along with Normality, have chemistry definitions that are quite boring. So I made up my own definitions that signal a descent into Monty Python-esque absurdity. Read at your own risk:

'Molar'ity defines the state of teeth (deciduous, cracked, plaqued, unrooted, extracted, crowned, falling, expired, dentured), 'Normal'ity is boring, and Molality sounds made-up even for chemistry. These 3 come together to form the miniature candy M'n'M, as well as the rapper Marshall Mathers (better known as Eminem).

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