Friday, November 26, 2010

Lonely Ness

Nessiteras Rhombopetryx (scientific name of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, most probably conferred by the same biologists that doubt its existence) must lead a sad and lonely life given it is considered to be the lone prehistoric creature. That must be compounded by the fact that it's existence has not been proven yet, even though people have started gathering in large numbers at a village nearby for the Rock Ness festival, to celebrate it's existence or non-existence. The Loch Ness, whose sole claim to fame is the widespread conjecture about Nessie, risks quick descension into oblivion if the non-existence of Nessie is proven once and for all.

These feelings are easily attributable to our day-to-day life, where we are lonely in some way or the other despite the sea of humanity around us. We have become islands, and detached communication (email, IM, Facebook), while keeping us in touch with people and even helping find old friends, has become a proxy for physical proximity and has its roots in convenience and general Seinfeld-like discomfort with letting people come too close. Additionally, the world is focusing on categorizing things, making every process repeatable and less human-reliant, and to assign a tag to every individual so that they are searchable via some common, pre-defined criteria. We are fast becoming redundant, and might already be fictional like Nessie, living in a dream-world akin to the Matrix where the only thing that exists is an illusion of being in control.

Musical Credits: Bass: Pankaj Kanth, Rhythm Guitar (on Bass): Pankaj Kanth, Lead Guitar (on Bass): Pankaj Kanth, Drums: Pragya Bhushan (1st Half), Preset Rhythm (2nd Half)

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