Friday, October 22, 2010

About this Blog

What should a blog be?
A blog, as aptly noted by a friend in another blog, should be a personal perspective on life and things. It makes the most impact when it is insightful, interesting, maybe funny, and ideally, food for thought (lofty goals!). For sharing or regurgitating world happenings, there's Facebook.

Concept - I am hoping to expand the scope of the blog concept by including links to composed songs that aim to provide an aural perspective on certain topics or echo penned thoughts. The original idea was to supplement the composed songs with blurbs, but the blurbs took on a life of their own (like the Seinfeld muffin tops) and will eventually be presented on a dedicated CD containing a MS Word doc for each song blurb. The songs will be on a supplemental CD available for separate purchase. To quote a friend - 'how deliciously absurd!!'. If absurd humor is not your cup of tea, please feel free to try someone else's cup of tea.

Linked Posts - Many posts will be linked to other posts via interconnected sub-topics, giving you the opportunity to go on a 'post'reasure hunt where you can award yourself points that will reset to zero after reaching 100.

Logo - The logo (or blogo?) is a yin-yang with a bass clef and a question mark - inspired by bass (not the fish, discounting Chris Squire's composition) master Victor Wooten's musical and spiritual outlook on life. It depicts the existential angst of a bass player (yours truly).

Creative Input: Qartique Venkataramanan, Sumantra Dasgupta

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